Working Now

Reposted with permission from American Public Media’s The Story:

“We begin our week of conversations with people who’ve lost jobs and tried to find new ones, sometimes drastically reworking their lives. Dick begins the week with author DW Gibson, whose book, Not Working, introduces us to unemployed men and women and their stories.

Next, we check in with Bruce Cochrane, who sold his family’s furniture factory when he realized he could not compete with the low-priced furniture coming from Asia. He tells Dick about reopening in North Carolina,  and trying to convince buyers to invest in his more expensive American-made furniture. See photographs of the furniture and how its made here. We’ll have more voices, from around the country, all week.

Music in this episode: “Mr. My Go”; “Hosanna” and “Katy” — all by Kelly Joe Phelps. Also, Andrew Parsons riffs with his guitar, based on the song “Angel Gabriel” by Chloe Davidson.”

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