Working Now

Reposted with permission from American Public Media’s The Story:

“People who’ve lost their jobs in the last few years are still reinventing their lives. We meet three of them today. Christine Myrick lost her high-level management position with the government in Kansas City, Missouri, and now works an entry-level job at a bank.  When Bridgette Lacy lost her state government job, she created a new career for herself, writing an unemployment column for the News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our third story in today’s show comes from an Executive Chef at a country club in Greenwich, Connecticut, who says he can’t find people to take the jobs that he has open.

Music in this episode: “where do I go Now” and “Loud as Ears” by Kelly Jo Phelps. Also, Andrew Parsons riffs with his guitar, based on the song “Angel Gabriel” by Chloe Davidson.”

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