Working Now

This is a collaborative crowd-sourced project. The SoundCloud fellowship is over, unfortunately, so we do not have funding at the moment. Even so, we want to share your audio stories about working. [Updated January 2013]

Here’s what we’re looking for:

New or existing audio stories that are

  • Length: Ideally three-six minutes long. We’re also open to even shorter stories (i.e. audio postcards or sonic IDs) or pieces longer than five minutes.
  • Language: in English (possibly also Spanish in the near future)
  • Subject matter: Interviews with
  1. Workers (or recently unemployed people) whose jobs have changed since being profiled in “Working”
  2. People with unique or unusual jobs that did not exist in 1974 (when “Working” was published)
  3. Individuals profiled in “Working” (or their surviving families)
  4. Raw audio files submitted by workers themselves.
  • Style: We are open to all styles of radio stories but kind of prefer non-narrated oral history-style pieces.
  • Originality: We want both original and existing radio stories. We welcome pieces that have already been broadcast or posted online. Once new work has been posted on this website, producers are then welcome to seek other outlets for their pieces. We also encourage you to upload your work to PRX.
  • Format: Weblinks to existing tracks on SoundCloud or original MP3s that are 44.1 kHZ 16 bit.

How to submit tracks:

To submit your work, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Email the MP3 file to
  • Email us with the link to a track on your own SoundCloud account (We will repost these on SoundCloud and the website but they will not appear in the podcast).

Submission checklist:

Be sure to send the following to
  1. Your MP3 file or a link to the SoundCloud track on your account (see above)
  2. A short description of the piece
  3. A photo of the person interviewed (or something related to their work)
  4. Your producer bio, including a link to your online portfolio
  5. A photo of you, the producer (at least 150 x 150 pixels)
  6. Your Twitter handle (if there is one)
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